2018 Colour & Decor Trends

Resilient decadence, bold elegance.

With a growing yearning for protection, strength and stability, our 2018 colours evoke a sense of grandeur, appealing to an unwillingness to feel small or disregarded in light of current societal landscapes.

This brave design mood is influenced by the chaotic overtone of the world’s current political and cultural climate and a renewed, even rebellious, spirit around the globe.

Selected from our new Dulux paint palette, our 2018 trends collection makes a bold yet elegant assertion about our changing world and decor preferences, providing a sense of both protection and richness.

Dulux Paint 2018 Colour of the Year

Black Elegance (DLX1004-7) is a statement-making black infused with an undertone of the deepest brown that creates an intimate, sophisticated setting with an edge.

Dulux Liquid Metal 2018 Colour of the Year

Golden Goose (015LM) is a decadent effect finish that provides a contrasting accent of illuminating, sumptuous, colour-rich texture.

Dulux Liquid Metal 2018 Colour of the Year  Golden Goose 015LM

2018 Trends Colour Palette

These brave and discerning colours range from dark, expressive, muted and vaguely tinted hues, to soft and warm neutrals for contrast. Greys are still decisive, however lush browns feel fresh and new.

How to Use 2018 Colour and Decor Trends in Your Home

Be inspired by these decorating tips as you explore this bold and glamorous theme:

Paint Black Elegance (or any of our deeper 2018 colours) as a feature wall, repeating the colour elsewhere in your furnishings and accessories, balancing a lighter hue like Heavy Cream.

Highlight interior trim, panelling and door details with Dulux Liquid Metal Golden Goose for a refined, light-reflecting, metallic contrast to a dark wall colour such as Glazed Granite.

Paint your front door in Black Elegance, Burgundy Wine or Victory Blue for a stately and grand first impression, in harmony with lighter colours in the overall scheme.

Create a decadent, shimmering focal point of your fireplace with Dulux Liquid Metal Golden Goose, alongside a complementary colour from our 2018 palette, such as Apple Brown Betty.

Luxurious materials such as textiles with a subtle metallic sheen add decadence through accessories. Use suedes, velvets, and leathers on larger pieces, enhancing our 2018 colours, like It Works.

Brass mixed with other metals like chrome or matt black continues to trend, adding a flourish to this theme and to this room painted in Spiced Vinegar.