Colourful Communities

Colourful Communities Canada

As your trusted, full-service partner for all of your paint needs, Dulux Canada is also your ‘local paint store that cares’, providing colours, expertise and dedication to colourfully renew and enrich communities across Canada.

Colourful Communities in Canada is a multi-facetted, community involvement, paint and colour initiative. It is an integral component of PPG Industries’ global program that enhances, protects and beautifies neighbourhoods through providing volunteer support, financial funding and PPG paints.

In Canada, Dulux paints is making a positive, colourful impact in communities right across the country, encouraging, building and supporting relationships through:

  • Local Dulux Paints stores painting projects
  • Partnering to answer ‘hand up’ painting needs
  • Enhancing commercial and industrial spaces and infrastructure with paint
  • Helping Canadian’s beautify their homes through paint

Giving Back to Canadian Communities

At the heart of Canadian initiative are our local Dulux Paints stores community painting projects. Each of our stores is committed to enriching the neighbourhoods that they serve by painting selected buildings of community, charity and non-profit organizations.

Nationwide, our stores are donating paint and volunteers to help beautify the buildings and lives in their communities, providing an infusion of colour that makes a positive impact on the people who the organizations support, and on communities as a whole.

Dulux Canada is committed to providing products, services, know-how and care in neighbourhoods right across the country, enriching Canada, and life, with colour.