Applying Interior Stain And Varnish

Once the surfaces are properly prepared, follow the correct way to apply our Dulux wood care interior stains and varnishes to ensure protection and enjoyment of interior wood surfaces for years to come.

And our expert associates at your local Dulux Paints store have all the brushes, rollers and other tools and accessories you need for professional-looking staining results.

TIP: When staining and varnishing a floor, plan ahead where to start and finish in the room.

Interior Semi-Transparent Stain

• Apply evenly with a brush or a pad.
• Wipe off water-based stain within 5 minutes with a soft, lint-free cloth. Wipe off oil-based stain within 10 to 12 minutes.
• Apply an additional coat of stain for depth of colour desired, wiping off before it dries.
• Topcoat stain in 2 hours with appropriate Dulux varnish.

TIP: After staining and before varnishing, apply Dulux Sanding Sealer, if desired, for an ultra-smooth finish. 

Interior Varnish

• Apply first coat of varnish on clean, new wood or once stain is dry (no sanding required), with a brush, pad or other applicator.
• Apply several light coats of varnish (following each product’s advised dry time), keeping a wet edge and wipe off to avoid lap marks.
• Remove any grain raising between each dried coat of varnish with a light sand with 220 grit between coats. Then vacuum clean and/or wipe with a tack rag.
• Keep the project area clean to avoid dust, fibres and hairs settling on the varnished surface.

TIP: Applying too much varnish on a vertical surface will drip and run. Applying too much on a horizontal surface can lead to wrinkling and other unsightly defects.

NOTE: NEVER shake a varnish, which traps air leading to little bubbles in the finish that pop and leave marks.