Choosing the Right Interior Wood Care Products

Dulux Professional Wood Finishes consistently live up to our reputation for exceptional, total, product performance.

Finishing or refinishing wood floors, cabinetry or furniture? Here’s all you need to know about interior stain and varnish to elevate your home’s decor.

And it’s important to pick the right product for each interior staining project. Here is some useful information…plus our expert associates at your local Dulux Paints store are happy to help.

Interior Semi-Transparent Stain

Semi-transparent stain allows both the texture and the colour of the grain to show through, highlighting the natural beauty of wood. Applying a semi-transparent stain over an existing semi-transparent stain will result in a darker, more opaque colour.

Dulux Interior Water-Based Woodstain

An excellent oil-modified, low-odour, deeply-penetrating wiping stain that provides a rich, even colour.

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Dulux Interior Fast-Dry, Oil-Based Woodstain 

An excellent wiping stain, the rich oil-based formula is tintable to a wide range of beautiful, wood-enhancing tones.

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TIP: Oil-based and water-based stains tinted to the same colour will appear differently on different woods and even the same piece of wood - oil-based tend to accentuate the wood grain more.

Interior Varnish

While interior semi-transparent stain beautifies wood, interior varnish enriches and provides a protective topcoat to ensure long-lasting, professional results.

TIP: Always follow the application instructions and recommended dry time for each interior stain product before applying interior varnish to protect the finish.

Dulux Interior Polyurethane Oil-Based Varnish

A high solids, solvent-based varnish that provides a warm, golden tone to any wood surface and a hard, durable finish.

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Dulux Interior Water-Based Acrylic Clear Wood Finish

A self cross-linking, acrylic formula that delivers a crystal-clear, non-yellowing, hard finish.

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Dulux Interior Polyurethane/Acrylic Water-Based Varnish

Through a tough polyurethane formula, delivers a high quality, hard and durable finish on all interior wood surfaces.

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Dulux Interior/Exterior Polyurethane Water-Based Varnish

A modified urethane resin formulation delivers excellent hardness and toughness that provides exceptional performance.

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Dulux Interior Water-Based Sanding Sealer

Ideal for all interior wood surfaces, creates an ultra-smooth surface after staining and prior to the application of an oil or water-based topcoat. Note: Never apply Sanding Sealer before applying a stain.

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