Dulux Colour Sensor

What inspires you?

It might be a rock, fall leaves, a photo of a sunset, a piece of furniture, wallpaper, a piece of fabric or a type of flooring - whatever inspires you, the Dulux Colour Sensor provides an exact paint colour match.

Visit or call your local Dulux Paints store for more information about the Dulux Colour Sensor

A must-have for architects, designers, decorators, experienced painters and other colour professionals, the Dulux Colour Sensor device (powered by Nix and controlled via the companion app for iOS and Android) is a real-life, colour eyedropper tool that takes the guesswork out of selecting matching paint colours.

Touch the Dulux Colour Sensor to any surface or material and instantly view an accurate paint match from the Dulux colour system.

With the ability to easily swipe between various colour schemes (including monochromatic, harmonious, triadic, complementary and more), the app also provides the Dulux paint colour name and number for all colours scanned.

As well, easily browse an archive of the Dulux legacy master palette and quickly find suggestions matching colours in the new Dulux paint colour system.

  • At just 1 ½” x 1” and weighing only 17 grams, the Dulux Colour Sensor device is smaller than a ping pong ball
  • Integrated, high CRI white LEDs provide a consistent light source for every scan
  • Completely solid-state technology with extreme durability
  • Every Dulux Colour Sensor device is factory calibrated for the ultimate colour accuracy
  • An integrated, rechargeable battery provides over 5,000 scans per charge

The Dulux Colour Sensor device is available for purchase at Dulux Paints stores across Canada. Operating the device requires the companion app to be loaded to your smartphone. Visit or call your local Dulux Paints store for more information about this transformative tool.