Dulux Inspiration Device

What inspires you? 

It might be a rock, fall leaves, a photo of a sunset, a piece of furniture, wallpaper, a piece of fabric or a type of flooring - whatever inspires you, Dulux Inspirations can help you capture that colour.

Dulux Inspirations accurately measures a wide range of surfaces and materials to produce a precise match with the Dulux colour palette. Dulux Inspirations isolates colours in multi-coloured patterns and identifies up to four dominant colours at a time, matching a complementary colour scheme.

Dulux Inspirations is a user friendly device and it only takes 5 simple steps once you have the colour that inspires you:

  1. Preview colour sample

  2. Identify the colour from the sample

  3. Select the colour

  4. Search colour scheme

  5. Choose your colour or colour scheme

For the experienced painter, the Dulux Inspirations Device is available for purchase at your local Dulux Paints store. If you just require a little help selecting colours to match your favourite pillow or linens, each Dulux location is equipped with an Inspirations Device, and a well trained associate to assist you.