WoodPride Solid Siding Stain

WoodPride Solid Siding Stain


Formulated to deliver a high-hiding, protective finish on vertical surfaces, while allowing wood’s natural grain texture to show through.

Ideal for

New and previously stained vertical exterior wood surfaces including siding (rough or smooth), shakes, trim and fences.


Available Sheens

  • Solid

Available Bases

  • Ultra Deep
  • White

Features & Benefits

Easy Application

Goes on smoothly and does not splatter.

High Hiding

Great opacity formula allowing for excellent hiding

Mildew Resistant

Protects paint against growth of mildew fungi.

Simple Maintenance

Easy soap and water clean-up.

Technical Information
Product SKU Sheen Base Sizes TDS SDS Certifications
WoodPride Solid Siding Stain 9900A Solid White Pails Gallons Download Download MPI-16 LEED
WoodPride 100% Acrylic Siding Stain 9990A Solid Ultra Deep Pails Gallons Download Download MPI-16 LEED