Perma-Crete LTC Concrete Block Surfacer/Filler

Perma-Crete LTC Concrete Block Surfacer/Filler


PERMA-CRETE® LTC Concrete Block & Masonry Surfacer is a premium interior/exterior, light weight, acrylic latex block filler and surfacer for all types of properly prepared concrete and masonry surfaces. This product provides smoothing, filling, and leveling on all types of masonry and concrete surfaces. PERMA-CRETE LTC Concrete Block & Masonry Surfacer can be topcoated with latex, oil, waterborne epoxy finishes, or solvent borne epoxy finishes that do not contain strong solvents. This PERMA-CRETE product can be applied to new masonry including concrete and stucco that has cured 7 days with a pH less than 13.

Ideal For

Exterior masonry projects including high-rise apartments and condominiums, hospitals, schools, concrete parking garage overheads, hotels, resorts and residential homes

Available Sheens

  • Flat

Available Bases

  • White
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Features & Benefits

Alkali Resistance

Can apply to fresh concrete at 7 days and a pH less than 13

Efflorescence resistance

Minimizes white crusty salt deposits

Excellent Filling

Provides smooth and level surfac for subsequent priming and topcoating

Light Weight

Ergonomically friendly

Low Temperate Cure (LTC) to 2°C

Longer painting seaons and application range

Technical Information
Product SKU Sheen Base Sizes TDS SDS Certifications
Perma-Crete LTC Concrete Block and Masonry Surfacer/Filler 4-100C Flat White Pails Download Download